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4 months after launch

by eelco

And: boom, another month has passed. Can you believe it? It's been four months now since I opened the doors for Muna. Not sure if it's all the things that are happening, but just like last month, also this month has gone by real quick.

I just went over all the number for this month and this is a short recap. Lots of things have been happening in Muna HQ and one of the craziest ones isn't even with Muna—the product—itself.

The stats

Visitors total were the highest overall since Muna launched. Between 20-100 each day. Written content seems to be slowly paying off. Great to see!
Next up is 21 new signups. Of which 4 are now paying customers. The other 17 are still trying the product or using the free "up to 5 employees" version. I am really glad to see this increase from the disappointing last month. There have to be lows to notice the highs?

The product

Last month was mostly focussed on fixing some annoying bugs and making some needed UX tweaks. It's good for every product to step back for a bit and just make tweaks to existing features. Rethink some of the UI decisions. Some of which were made when Muna looked and was totally different. I also matured some UI components which were shipped in a less than ideal way. For the next month, I continue this type of work: making existing features more and more usable. Not the most exciting to work, not exciting to share. But Muna is slowly growing up, so features need to mature at the same pace.

The blog

The blog has been quieter than I planned or wanted. But I was able to crank out 3 new articles of which one was shared on IndieHackers too. Didn't do as good as the previous article (still an all-time popular there!) I posted there but was helpful to a few people nonetheless.

That one crazy thing

One thing that kept me slightly busier than I anticipated was Startup Costs. It's a side project built at Muna. It was hunted last Monday and struck quite a chord with its community as it hit the number one spot of the day. I run a separate Twitter account for that product and shared some of the numbers after 24 hours on there.

Go check out the product if you haven't seen it. If you run any kind of startup and are transparent (or want to be), sharing your monthly running costs is a great way to start. Here are the monthly running costs for Muna.


This has been an exciting month in many ways. Muna is getting fine-tuned every day. Looking and working better. Across the board, all numbers are up. And to top that off: Muna runs now a successful side project too.

As always, email me with any questions or suggestions you might have.

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