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Introducing Muna: HR tools for the next generation companies

by eelco

Running a modern company nowadays is exciting. But there are tasks that are less glamorous and easily slip through the cracks: keeping your employee records up-to-date, stay in the loop about their progress or (the obnoxious task of) onboarding new team members.

After talking with numerous CEO's, founders and managers of small to bigger (10 to 60 employees) modern companies, I learned above is a small list of the things they are struggling with. Information and PDF's of contracts are "stored" in emails or Slack, personal details are somewhere in a Slack chat, important events are stored in different calendars (ánd different providers) and progress of employees are stored in spreadsheets (with out-of-date copies shared amongst team leaders).

I demoed a limited working prototype of a possible solution to some of the same people I spoke to.

Early prototype of Muna

These demos were crucial for the initial version of Muna. It gave me insights into what a must and a nice-to-have. As with every bootstrapped business, this is really important to know, so you don't lose time on features customers don't care for too much.

How Muna makes life easier for modern companies

These are some of the features our current beta-users / customers are raving about.

Shut up and take my money

Self-service employee directory

Your employees can now easily change their own information, so you can be sure to always have up to date records of your employees. From personal information, like name, maiden name, address and phone number to their emergency contact.

Stay up-to-date on important events

know when a new employee starts. Or will leave. Don't forget when an employee ends their trial period. With Muna these are all shown in a nice calendar view. Oh, and birthdays of course. You should always find an excuse to have a celebration.

Automatically invite new employees to other services you use

Have a new member join your company? You probably know how tedious it is to invite them to every other service you use. Muna makes it as easy as simply inviting them to Muna and select to which service they'll have access to. And if an employee leaves, their access will automatically be revoked too. Currently in beta.

Almost fully customisable

No company operates the same. We know that all too well. So we made sure that important aspects, as titles, payment constructions and teams are fully customisable. You can even change the text of the invite emails send to your (new) employees.

20% off for your first six months

Built together with me. Until the end of June 2018, you get 20% off for the first six months. To sweeten the deal even more, I add our concierge service to every plan, so you can get the most out of Muna as quickly as possible.

Just getting started

Although Muna in its current state is already really useful. It's just the beginning. I have a long list of features ready to be added—of which most came from direct interviews with current users. Some great stuff is coming to Muna, so it will become more useful, powerful and worthwhile.

I can't wait for you to try it out. There's a plan that will surely fit your company.

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