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Three months later: slow but steady

by eelco

Here we are. Three months have passed already since I opened Muna's doors. Not sure if it's me, but last month seems to have passed even quicker!

I think time seemed to have passed quicker because I have worked on numerous side-projects for Muna. More on that below. I just went over all the numbers from the past 30 days and although I would like them higher (who doesn’t?), it’s all pretty steady. In general, I like growth to be slowish, since it’s easier to adapt, scale and to maintain a close relationship with the customers.

What did happen at Muna?

Quite a lot! I’ve worked on new features, side-projects and the odd bug or two. And, this goes without saying, plenty of marketing.

New pricing

Almost right after launch, I started to doubt the structure of the pricing. Having three plans is the de facto standard for SaaS companies, but more options are available. So about a month ago I crunched the numbers with the relatively limited amount of data I had within Muna and noticed that some customers were, or would soon, overpay quite a bit. So I decided to go for usage-based pricing. This resulted in a big hit in revenue, but it was the right thing to do. With the new pricing, I give companies with less than 5 employees unlimited access to use Muna for free. The hope and idea are that early-stage companies will see the benefits early and once they grow, continue using Muna. The full article can be read here.

Company team page

This is a unique feature and hasn’t been done before, but it makes so much sense! I was happy to introduce the company team page earlier this month in beta, but so far no-one has requested access. Since not everybody has a need for this, I plan to provide it as an add-on next to the current plan once the beta is finished. See all the details here.

Company team page can be added to any of your pages

Warmer welcome and smaller changes

I added a little welcome/setup guide to new signups. With Muna being so feature-rich and customisable, it’s quite easy to get lost. With this new setup, users are guided a better into the features most useful for them in their early Muna journey.
Otherwise, a few smaller bugs and the odd small thing has changed.

Muna Recruitment

Another big new thing is Muna Recruitment. With this, you create beautiful recruitment pages for free to attract the best web people. I wrote about it in detail last week what led to this and the why. The idea to provide this for free is to attract new customers for Muna. After all, companies that are hiring are a great match for Muna. :)

Muna Recruiment lets you create beautiful recruitment pages to attract the best web people

Featured on Betalist

This month Muna was also featured on Betalist. This caused a slight, nice peak in traffic, but nothing crazy. It did send some friendly people my way and a bunch of companies trying to sell me their video-explainer service.

The stats, the numbers

In short:


I've kept to the “at least one blog a week” goal I set for myself. It's at times still difficult to get in the zone for it and I've found that I don't write the best when the deadline is near (the idea is to publish every Wednesday morning). So since the previous blog, I write them well beforehand—about a week—and leave it for a day or two to rewrite parts of it, restructure and so on. I also removed the minimum number of words an article need to consist off. Too often was this limiting the quality of the writing. I also try to have even a few more drafts around where I can freely write every thought down about a certain topic. This can then be used as a base for the rest of the article.
I have also a few “behind-the-scenes” drafts ready on the topic of bootstrapper, solo founders and indie makers. I enjoy writing these kinds of posts.

Paying customer

This was pretty disappointing, to say the least. From the many new accounts created, only one left their credit card details in the end. This is partly because some are within the five-free employees limit. As I wrote earlier, the hope is they will soon, hopefully, hire their next employee (using Muna Recruitment obviously!) and then turn into a paying customer. I don't have hard numbers on the timeframe for this and thinking of reaching out to these companies to give some insights about this.

New signups

New signups have been pretty okay so far. Even a slight uptick compared to last months. This is likely because of the clearly communicated “five for free” message. Before a new user had to pick a plan with a monthly price attached to it, which was clearly a bigger barrier. Not 100% sure yet what is better, since I don't have enough data yet. I always can keep these signups as a cold lead around, trying to keep them “lukewarm” by providing new and useful content for them. Unused accounts are also purged after 45 - 60 days of inactivity, so not much is wasted.

Daily visits

Daily unique visitors seems to be okay. Higher than last month. And more diverse sources too. I can now see a clear uptick in visitors coming from Quora, so answering industry-related questions seem to slowly pay off. The same goes for traffic for searches, although this is still lower than Quora and thus is something I need to spend time on the next 30 days.

In conclusion

So while the numbers are low, overall I am happy with where Muna stands. I never anticipated quick growth and I prefer it this way too. But SEO stuff and a clear dissection of the marketing efforts is something I will be spending time on the next 30 days. I hope that I can tell you about this in about a month from now.

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