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Your employees need a writing course

by Chloe

Today's next-generation companies (like yours!) rely heavily on text-based communication. You use chat-apps like Slack or (our fav!) Twist. This is next to tools like GitHub for collaborating on code and customer support tools like Drift. From marketing to engineering, we all stay up-to-date, communicate with each other and customers using these tools.

Writing well is not just important for copywriters anymore, but for your whole team, including developers and designers. Not another course for the DockerReactVue framework. Also, your designer need not learn to develop, they need to learn how to write.

Now, I am not saying the latter things are not important—knowing how to write well should simply come first.

“Not another course for the DockerReactVue framework, but a writing course”

It's never been more important to write well

So much of your day to day communication is in written form. So writing well is not about writing without grammar mistakes, writing quick or without tyop's. It's about getting better at expressing what you mean. Making sure there will be no room for misinterpretation, reading between the lines or simple misunderstandings.

Beneficial on a smaller level too

So not just the communication between teams and its members will greatly benefit by providing a writing course. Let's take the typical teams of any next-generation company and see how a writing course can help on more levels than the inter-team communication.

Why managers should write well

A manager is a connector. They make sure that the message is relayed to the employee or team in a way that there will be no confusion. This means they can not simply copy and paste the task as it's given, but they need to rewrite in such a way every teammate knows what's expected of them.

Why developers should write well

“Code is Poetry” is the slogan by WordPress (did you come up with one Matt Mullenweg?). And yes, developers spend most of their day writing code. From method- and function-names to writing documentation. All words. Having means to articulate what they (or the code) intend to do, will greatly speed up and help development. Now and for years to come.

“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.”– Ayn Rand

Why designers should write well

Good design starts with good copy. Without it, your design will fail. Period. It's easy to make something visually appealing, but conveying the right message, that's where you start to sell your product. Having a designer on your team who knows how to write well is a valuable asset.

Why customer support should write well

This is almost too obvious, right? But still, here you are. It's one of the main tasks for your support staff to communicate with (prospect) customers. For them to write well, makes all the difference. A writing course will help them better explain whatever they need to, to the person on the other end.

Now, you can not simply push a writing course through the throats of your teammates. Start talking about the importance of it. A healthy team usually embrace a new challenge and happy employees really enjoy learning something new.

Write well, profit well

Team-spirit, morale, and productivity will get a boost if your whole team is able to communicate well. As a team leader or owner, these are key points to focus on. It doesn't need any explanation that a happy team, makes for an ace product. I would suggest going for a writing course in the language that's the default on your team. If that's English, go with, if Deutsch, go for a German writing course.

Happy to talk about this a bit more. Just say hi.

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