Reusable checklists for every new employee

So simple, yet so useful. Reusable guides for on- and offboarding assures new employees will have everything at their disposal to guarantee a smooth start.

A friendly introduction

When your new hires use Muna for the first time, they'll learn about your mission, history and about the members in their team. And all the friendly faces in your company.

A different guide for every team

Your engineering team has different requirements than your Customer support team. So we designed Muna to have different guides for every team in your organisation.

Separate guides for managers

Managers and team leaders have separate guides to help them set up new hires. And when a team member is leaving, just check what you need to do for a smooth departure.

Wait, there is more than onboarding new employees!

Self-service employee directory

Team members can change their own personal details and emergency contact. Assuring an always up to date member directory.

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Automatic third party integrations

New hires are automatically given access to your 3rd party tools. And then revoked when they leave your company.

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Fully customisable

From your logo to the messages you send to your workforce. Almost everything is customisable.

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