Personal details at one central place

Every employee can change their own details, like name, address, private email and phone number. Whenever needed they can change any kind of information if needed.

In case of emergency. Muna is here.

The info you hope you never need, but are glad you have whén you need it. Every team member can set an emergency contact for themselves.

Reminders to have up-to-date information

Information can get out-of-date. Muna sends a notification periodically to ask if an employee's info is still correct.

Wait, there is more than the employee self-service!

Onboarding new employees

Customisable step by step guides for every new hire. Keep a reusable checklist for you and your new hires.

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Automatic third party integrations

New hires are automatically given access to your 3rd party tools. And then revoked when they leave your company.

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Fully customisable

From your logo to the messages you send to your workforce. Almost everything is customisable.

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