Team changes are always in sync

Since the team page add-on syncs with your Muna dashboard, no developer time or other effort is needed to update your team page. Changes made in your dashboard are synced directly onto your team page.

Fully customisable design

The team page add-on comes with a beautiful and responsive design. If you have the expertise (in-house), you can always change its design however you like.

Control on every level

You can fully control what is shown. From photos to roles to teams and which office location. Employees can also opt-out to be shown on your team page.

Integrated with just some lines of code

You can link directly to your hosted team page with your own custom domain name. Or you can use our JS snippet; with just some lines of code, you have your full team on any page you want.

Wait, there is more than the company team page!

Self-service employee directory

Team members can change their own personal details and emergency contact. Assuring an always up to date member directory.

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Onboarding new employees

Customisable step by step guides for every new hire. Keep a reusable checklist for you and your new hires.

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Automatic third party integrations

New hires are automatically given access to your 3rd party tools. And then revoked when they leave your company.

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