Third-party tools make our life easier

Any modern, next-generation uses plenty of third-services to make running your business easier. From your chat app to email and to code-sharing and social media tools. Check out all integrations.

Invite new hires to the services you use

With Muna you can easily invite your new employees to the tools they need access too. A simple click and they are invited to any of the services you can connect with Muna. No more manually going to every service.

Integration is simply a breeze

We support various services and the list is ever growing. Connecting to these services is also just one click away.

Revoking access is just as easy

When an employee leaves your company, their access is automatically revoked from any services they had access too. Of course, you can do this manually per service too!

Wait, there is more than third-party integrations!

Self-service employee directory

Team members can change their own personal details and emergency contact. Assuring an always up to date member directory.

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Onboarding new employees

Customisable step by step guides for every new hire. Keep a reusable checklist for you and your new hires.

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Fully customisable

From your logo to the messages you send to your workforce. Almost everything is customisable.

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