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Muna gives you a place to manage, store and coordinate everything about your employees.

No more searching through your cloud storage for that signed contract, your inbox archive for a mobile number or inconsistent and confusing employee onboarding processes.

New employees can quickly get to know everybody on their team or the whole company, with the personalised profiles every employee can easily update their own details. Never forget to send a simple, but so important “happy birthday” and automatically invite and revoke access to third-party tools all from Muna.

Invite new (and existing) employees

Muna does not force you, or your new employees, to install yet another clumsy app but uses a tool everybody knows: email. With only one-click of a button, your new employee will get a personalised email welcoming them to your company. You optionally decide to introduce them to your whole company at the same time.

easily invite new and existing employees to Muna

A consistent employee onboarding

Knowing what to do and what is expected from your new hires on the first day(s) makes for a happy and productive employee, today and next year. After they logged in for the first time, Muna gives them a friendly introduction to tell them about your company's mission, history, their team and more. Next up it gives your new hire easy-to-use guides where they and their manager can simply check off tasks that need to be done. Having a consistent onboarding throughout your company and teams.

easily invite new and existing employees to Muna

Employees can easily change their own records

Employees can change all their own information with ease: avatar, email and location. Also, an emergency contact can be set up, so if any unfortunate situation arises, you know who to contact. All other information like their trial period, salary and more can be viewed straight from their profile.

self-service employee directory

Store important documents at one centralised place

A professional relation often starts with a contract. Every manager and employee can view and add multiple documents. No restrictions. So you can store your contract and NDA as a PDF, Word document or JPG file.

unlimited documents can be stored for every employee

Auto-invite to third-party services

The next-generation companies rely on a multitude of different services to keep their operation running smoothly. So on the first day, you can use Muna to invite your employees to the (ever increasing number of) services they need access to. And are they departing from your company, then their access is automatically revoked again.

authorise multiple 3rd party services to automatically invite new employees to these services

Get reminders of all important events

No more surprises by not knowing when a trial period ended, when one is due for a progress talk or when one has their anniversary. Muna keeps track of these events and notifies you (and them) before they happen.

know and get reminders for important events in your company
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